Wayanad Homestay

Wayanad is a small district in the "God's on Country" Kerala, and it shares a border with both neighboring states of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The name Wayanad literally translates to 'Vayal nad' means paddy fields, you can view a lot of paddy fields in Wayanad even though the globalization having its own roots in the district. Wayanad is famous for its gifted landscape and climate, this is one of the places in which is having a lot of rainfalls during monsoon season. In the complete district of Wayanad, you can see full of greeneries and water bodies.

The people of Wayanad are mainly farmers, Wayanad is loaded with full of tea and coffee estates along with other spices. In this rapidly changing world many of the people are going outside and pursuing their career and studies, but still, Wayanad Keeps its legendary legacy.

The complete district is having a lot of tourist areas and with a variety of places like a forest, waterfalls, hills, lakes, trekking sites, caves, museums, river islands etc. This place is definitely a natural wonder.

While coming to staying options in Wayanad we will have a variety of options like resorts, hotels, motels, huts, home stays, tree house, etc. Homestays in Wayanad are one of the great choices for getting to know the culture of Wayanad and enjoying the natural climate of Wayanad. Today we have homestays in every nook and corner of Wayanad, here we are only providing you the best of best homestays for making your visit to Wayanad is a memorable and enjoyable trip.

We have homestays in Kalpetta, Manathavady, Sulthan Bathery, Vythiry, Meenangady, Panamaram and many of the prominent places in Wayanad. In homestays, you can have different cuisines both Kerala dishes as well as non-Kerala dishes.